What’s a yogi? A yogi (male), or yogini (female), is someone who practices yoga or follows yoga philosophy. Anyone can be a yogi. Whether you can wrap your leg over your shoulder, or whether you can barely touch your toes. It doesn’t matter.

We are under increasing amounts of stress, pressure & responsibility; finding a sense of balance, can be hard. Wellbeing is an holistic concept; how we move, breathe and think affects how we feel. I teach a range of friendly and playful classes that focus on asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), vinyasa (flows), and dhyana (meditation & mindfulness) to help you destress and boost your wellbeing.


I am a yogini with an affinity for all things creative and all things yogic. I love and live for my friends, my family, and my passions.

Yoga has been part of my life since 2003 when I began practicing in my early teens, alongside ballet, dance and figure skating. I began practicing yoga to help me deal with stress, gain confidence, and offer a positive way to look after my mind and body. I enjoy sharing yoga with others and promoting its benefits upon wellbeing; I care about each person that comes to my class, making sure everyone feels comfortable and supported within their practice.

With a background in working within mental health and charity services, I recognise how yoga can support mental as well as physical health. I love working with children, adults and families; my interests and training in Mindfulness, Art Therapy and Music mean I am able to offer creative and engaging classes, which is especially needed when teaching children and families! I am dedicated to my continual practice and learning, taking an open, non-judgemental and friendly approach to teaching.

I completed my 200hr YTT (Yoga Alliance registered) at Yoga Satsanga Ashram (Wales), and have since gone on to further certify and specialise in Children’s Yoga, and Pre and Post Natal Yoga with Baby Yoga and Massage (Yoga Gro). My personal practice and teaching is derived from classical Hatha and Rishiculture Ashtanga teachings, as well as incorporating elements of mindfulness and Yin Yoga. I am very interested in Yoga Therapy and intend to train further in this area.

I believe yoga is for everyone, I appreciate the diverse applications of Yoga, from the more physically challenging asanas (I love a handstand practice!), to the more slow and meditative aspects (I also love Yoga Nidra and long relaxations).

For me, yoga is much more than a physical work out. Yoga is how I move and breathe, what I think and feel, and what I say and do. Being a yogi is to recognise that yoga happens off, as well as on, the mat. It’s a balance. Anyone can be a yogi. Every interaction we have, every thought we think, every word we say, everything that we do, is yoga.

Yoga helps me to see me, and be me, with acceptance. It reminds me of the present, it reminds me of the process, and to enjoy it.

Big love,

Sinéad x