Family Yoga

The first question I normally get asked when I say I teach family/kids yoga classes, is, ‘how does that work?’. Let me assure you, it does.

Teaching children and families is not like your normal yoga class. Yoga poses and sequences are taught in a creative, fun and engaging way, so that the whole family can enjoy yoga together. It is an opportunity to enjoy quality time together, where the whole family can find something physical and relaxing to do. I see first-hand the immediate positive impact that yoga has upon children, for not just their physical strength and flexibility, but also for their self-esteem and confidence.

The only thing I ask is that you come with an open mind and heart, willing to ‘go with the flow’ of the children’s energy in the room. My main concern is not with children having the ‘correct’ alignment or doing the ‘right’ poses, which is often impossible anyway since their bodies are still developing, but rather my priority is that children get exactly what they need from their yoga class; stretching and moving their bodies, learning about themselves and having fun with others, and noticing their breathe.

Classes are very creative and engaging with more emphasis on partner and group work, simple sequences and more challenging poses. I am very passionate about mindfulness, and incorporate short mindful activities into my classes that go beyond your standard ‘sit, breathe and concentrate’ approaches that you normally come across in adult classes. Unfortunately, children do not relate to this kind of approach (sometimes adults don’t either!), so more creativity and patience is needed to take yogic concepts and practices and adapt them into something children can benefit from.

Classes focus on offering a friendly and safe space for children to relax and unwind if they need to, to challenge themselves without judgement if they aren’t able to achieve certain poses straight away, and to breathe a little deeper, with greater awareness.

Classes are suitable from 4 years (younger siblings welcome).